Sunday, August 26, 2007

Monthly Update - Yes a New Thing for You All

So I have decided to do a monthly update of the excitment or the mundane that I have been up to each month. Just thought would mix it up a little. So here we go August update ( yes yes there is like 4 days left in August but honestly I do not lead that exciting a life to warrent waiting 4 days )
August has been my month of re awakening to me, to who I am and what I want out of life ( do not worry funny shit has happened as well as sad shit)
Firstly will get slightlydepressing or not so funny stuff done.
I fell in a round about way love with my best friend ( see previous posts for gory details) it did me the world of good as it made me realise basically I am not dead. It made me feel wanted again. It made me feel great and heartbroken all at once.

My best friend Mason came ( related to above statement) IT rocked. It made me miss the UK something fierce. But it also made me remember who are my true friends in life and people who know me best.
We went to the island ( Saltspring) This was possibly the funniest times of my life.
Between spending time with family and the boys ( Allan Rocardo, George, Chris, and Elliot) it was a laugh a minute. From Hot bozxing in a hot box. To shot gunning beers at 10:30 in the morning it was wild times. We skinny dipped at 2 int he morning in the ocean and we bought large amounts of BC pot ( smoked large amounts) We tried to catch deer , completely failures at it due to the fact simply that deer are pretty damn fast things you know ! Plus a few had some decent sized antlers ! ( note: no deer were harmed in this process...a few drunk/high humans may have been though)
Mason and I had sooo much fun and not only did I fnd myself again but I found Saltspring again and fell so in love with it all over again. I can see it as home in the future .... not yet but the possiblities are there for it to be seen as home.
I went on my first floatplane ride and flying takes on a whole new meaning !
Some sad news. Cleoleo my ever so lovely cat vanished while we were away. I was and still am pretty devestated about it. No doubt he was doing what he loved when he went which was basically ...killing shit. A lot of effort was put into finding him but it has now been almost a month and he is not back.
Not to jump the gun but this weekend I went and got myself a new kitten. I missed having a cat about me as they are such characters. Sooo we have a new member of the family. Boddington. He is a 2 and half month old tabby kitten and a complete individual ! He stood out to me when I went to the SPCA and knew he was the one!
Also this month I threw myself full on into riding full time again. Thunder has taught me how to be fearless all over again. He is massive at about 18 hands high and full of himself. He has helped me with the whole heartbroken thing. I go out for excessively long hacks on him now and it seems to clear my mind completely of all things.
So generally life is good. I have become fast friends with my oldest friend in the world after a 10 year gap . Aron has made me feel pretty chuffed and happy with myself and she has most defiantly helped me realize that really I rock that I am a beautiful girl and life is one big adventure.
So rol on September lets make it a damn good one !

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