Monday, March 19, 2007

Trying not to Panic ...Breathing ... In ...Out ...In...

Well I have been thrown in the deep end at work in a big way. My lovely boss lady is currently sunning herself in Mexico while I crap my pants in windy cold and snowy Edmonton.
I knew that this week was coming from the day I started a week ago but chose to ignore it as if it did not exist. Guess what? It exists everyone.
Its not that I do not know what I am doing. But more the fact that my safety net has vanished and I am currently free falling into the world of steel orders! Considering the fact that up until 4 weeks ago I thought there were 16 inches to the foot (yes I now know that this is not the case just in case you are worried and wondering) makes this task all the more daunting. I have to know about overall diameters, long seam lengths, eccentric and concentric cones, beveling details at what degree and much much more!!

Needless to say it is now a quarter past nine in the morning and I have already had 3 smokes since starting at 8! Not that the smoke knows how to work out how many pieces are needed for the current eccentric cone quote sitting in front of me. But it sure as hell makes me feel more human!

A update on life currently otherwise. I am well actually bloody good to be truthful. I received a credit card from my bank last week which made my day. The reason it made my day is because this means I am credit worthy over here, that my credit score is well above 500 which means I am not the devils spawn in the eyes of the credit people.

I received it Wednesday and I have only used it once, to be sure it works of course, for 2 vests from Old Navy (my fav store ever) and a new fancy dog collar for Penny.
So I have been behaving myself with it. I did not use it once over the weekend.

The new gym I am now a member of ROCKS!! It’s called the world health club and it has TELLYS! Wooo hooo! I just plug in my headphones on the cardio machines, change to what ever channel I want to watch and pound my ass away basically.

There is the usual crowd of no neck brigade’s old people and Twinkies. However this lot is at the extreme end. Firstly the no neck brigade is not limited to just grunting men but women to! I have never seen so many steroid loaded muscle bound women in my life. They do make me feel slightly inadequate. However at least I know that if I date a guy they will not be terrified I can snap then in half as easily as a damn straw. The men really grunt I mean loudly grunt sort of reminds me of rutting dear.
The old people are really old and all look like they are about to drop dead on the treadmill. And the Twinkies (girls fully loaded in Lycra and makeup) are the extreme end of make up and Lycra. Seriously I thought one of them was about to burst out of her excessively tight lycra top as her fake tits were at least a G if not bigger, I could not stop staring at her.

I am pages away from finishing the latest Jilly Cooper book. Yes I know it is trash yes I know it is smut but damn I love her. I have read every single one of her books and can safely say I have never ever been bored. So I am slightly sad that I am almost finished it. I wish Mrs. Cooper would write smaller books so it did not take her like 4 years to write just one book!


Suburban Mum said...

Gah I hate the grunting men at the gym. They do that in my gym (we joined the DL by the way, the JJB has shut it's creche!) and it always makes me look round at them, wondering what the hell is going on. And there are twinkies too. Twinkies who run on their treadmills and chat on their mobile phones at the same time, wearing baseball caps. It's all I can do to BREATHE and run at the same time let alone have a conversation. Oh and I saw your old road the other day - I got all excited and said to SH "that's where Louisa lived!" He looked at me all kinda "uh?" I forget he doesn't know my internet friends!!!!

~art said...

just checking in.

louisa said...

ohh you gotta love the grunters. I always make a point of staring at them as if they belong on the " special bus" basically try to make them feel like a fool and it works some times.
Ohhh get you with the posh gym. Which one is it ? the one in Cheadle ?
Ha ha I have visions of SH looking at you as if you had just took a hit of crack lol lol

Yes Art still alive. I have been reading yours recently but just nothad the time to comment but I am still alive