Monday, July 24, 2006

Diving in , Damn the Consequences

Right normally I do not wade into the political mine field of this world let alone the middle east. I normally leave this for my world dominating little sister. However I have had enough of the bleeding heart pure lefting wing reporting I am forced to watch on a daily basis. Damn the people who may come after me for the below statement, but that's the joy of free speech and free thinking and most importantly free will.

ISRAEL AND LEBANON ARE AT WAR PEOPLE !!!!! This is not some little fight. These are not school children fighting in the playground over who's turn it is to kick the damn ball!!

I am sick of the bleeding heart news reports. Reports banging on about how the people of Lebanon are suffering and bombs are dropping here and there. Lets clear something up: Lebanon started this. More precisely the Hezbollah started this ok. Also big difference in the bombing tatics. Where Israel is dropping fairly precise bombs on specific targets, Military, factories etc. The Lebanese are just launching those bastards any old which way they want, basically where ever the breeze takes them. BIG DAMN DIFFERENCE PEOPLE !!!!

They are now saying on the news that humanitarian aid is needed in Lebanon. People this is not apoor country. This is not a country being attacked for no reason. It is not a Indonesia or a Darfur where people are suffering at no fault of their own. This a country that has effectively declared war ( yet again ) on its neighbor's.

For the first time ( and hopefully the last time ever ever ever ) I agree with George bush and his stance on this and Tony Blairs stance on this. Israel needs to finish this get out and I suppose in a way make their point.

People may disagree with me on this but you know what I do not care it is my opinion stated as eloquently as I can. Take it or leave it. Comment or do not comment up to you.


Lee said...

You know, you talk a lot of sense. If only the media itself could portray things in the same way!...

louisa said...

thanks you :-)
Its really winding me up now i have resorted to turning telly off completely as I am now throwing things at it.
At the end of the day they did it to themselves ( Lebenon ) they insisted on associating themselves with hezbolah they insisted on associating themselves with Syria and iran. What do they excpect ?? warm and fuzzy hugs from the rest of the arab nations and western world?! so yeah as can tell still wound up about it.
The shame is that the 3 soilders that have been kidnapped are not alive they are more then likely dead and this is what kicked it all off in the first place

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with the general feel of your post here that Isreal is being portrayed as the bad guy while Lebanon is merely a helpless victim in all this. Plenty of Isreali officials have had their say on BBC ITN or Channel 4 news as well as Sky News here in the UK but its hard to believe Isreal is dropping precise bombs on specific targets when the pictures coming back to us are of innocent Lebonese people being slaughtered. Now I know there have been Isreali casualties also and any loss of civilian life on either side in conflict will make most decent people feel utter revultion. But do you not think Isreals reaction to their soldiers being taken hostage has been somewhat over the top? After all this is supposedly the reason all this is happening. I doubt very much the British or Canadian armed forces would respond in such a brutal and seemingly callus way over a couple of soldiers being taken hostage. Obviously America's role in all this can not be underestimated, they have the political sway and influence to stop this TODAY yet 3 weeks into this bloody conflict they still haven't called on Isreal to stop the bombing, we all know why this is of course, it's not news to anyone who understands politics that The White House is run by rich and very powerful Jews.

louisa said...

Thanks for posting it is nice to know that there are other view points then my own. As currently to me there appears to be one viewpoint only potrayed in the media.
I do understadn where it is you are coming from. What I do disagree with is that it is up to other countries to decide or sway minds in stopping this seemingly never ending war. It is not up to the Americans, Canadians, British or any other country. This war is Lebenon and Israels war and no one elses.
Now I am not naive enough to think that they are the only ones to start this we must not forget that there is Iran who wish to blow Israel off the face of the earth due to Israels nuclear program and there is Syria as well. Both these countries are in the forground with big sticks poking the angry bear that is Lebanon.
You are right it disgusts and sickens me when I see dying and suffering on either side. But I think the point behind my post was slightly forgotten ( by myself included) non involved countries such as Britian should have non biased reporting and they do not.
Yesterday on Newswatch they adviced of the huge amounts of complaints they had recieved ( including my own regarding this issue) The research was done and showed the following :
In a 1 week reporting time frame every news cast taken into account
15 hours was devoted to Israel
60 hours to Lebenon.
On the day that 8 Israel's were killed there was a 32 second report
on the same day there was 12 and half minutes devoted to Lebenon. You canno tell me that newscasters such as the BBC are reporting facts. They are not they are attempting to pull the heart strings of the people. This is wrong and unproffesional of a usually very good broadcastnig company
I would hope that Britian and Canada would react int he way Israel has if our soliders were kidnapped I would have no problem with it and would support it through and through. There was no right or reason for this. Hezbolah is a terroist group and if Lebenon wish to continue associating themselves with Hezbloah then they have to suffer the inevitable consquences of their actions
Thanks again for writing I do appricate it and always happy to hear different view points

Alexandra said...


So should the US bomb Canada because we're a 'terrorist safe haven'? We've been called that many a time....
That's what happens when you take your argument to its logical end.
I'm not saying it's exactly the same thing, but to assume that Israeli automatically has the right to stop dropping bombs and rolling in with tanks because a few soldiers have been kidnapped? Yes, it does warrant a reaction and I'm not ruling out a military one, but perhaps a more measured one.

louisa said...

I Have to say I do agree with you more now Alex. after the events of yesterday in Qana.
They do need to be more measured. But I still stand by the fact that I still believe what Israel is doing is right.
However they are now astarting to tred on very thin ice. Between bombing the red cross van, the UN post and now in Qana it is not looking good.
It is as you said last night Israel is held to a higher level then Lebenon and I do agree with what you say.

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