Monday, July 31, 2006

2nd post : Thank you ...

Thank you very much to the obviously badly endowed bastard in his massive Range Rover for cutting me off this morning at the lights !!!
They made a turning lane for a reason join the queue you small dicked impatient idiot !!!

Thank you to the oh so lovely cashier at tescos this morning, You obviously love your job so much. How many times did I have to tell you no I do not need cash back. After yelling at you for the 3rd time you say to me '' there is no need for that response miss, you know I do not need to serve you ???'' YOU CALL WHAT YOUR DOING ALREADY SERVICE !!!

Thank you to the man who decided it would make more sense this morning to run down the middle of the road to catch his bus then the more conventional route of the pavement. Yes I did need to honk my horn at you aggressively!! Yes I did need to yell at you '' get off the road you muppet !!! Or I will actually hit you !!'' and yes I did need to yell '' next time drag your ass out of bed on time to make the bus that you take every morning and every morning you run down the road cause you are late !!!!'' get a watch learn how to read time and use the damn pavement !! it is there for a reason ..... pedestrians..... roads are for cars dickhead

Rant done now it will be a good day I swear
( yes I still wish to kill my workmate but whatever if I drink through the day it will seem a good day no matter what ! )

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