Friday, May 05, 2006

Drinking By yourself ...Its funny ...Honestly.....

Yesterday was one of those days that made you think ' Yes I love living in the UK!' It was a amazing 27 degrees above here and I was loooovvvviiiinnnngggg it !! Seriously was amazing full sun the works.
By 11 am our office was saying lets screw working call forward all our phones to our mobiles and piss off to the pub BECAUSE IT WAS SO DAMNED NICE !! ( we didn't by the way , we played catch with George Bush note: see previous posts about GWB)

By the time I actually left work I was in a serious mood for a drink but I acted responsibly and went to the gym ( theory being I need to continue to better myself to look better to possibly find a nice decent looking boyfriend oh yeah and for my health) Afet slogging my brains out and running 6 miles !!! woo hoo for me , I made my way to Asda the time sucking 5th dimension of hell and bought the essentials for Gin and tonic. I have the gin due to my mother leaving 2 full bottles after her last visit ( yes it is a family of drinkers and damn proud ! ) I made my way home and poured myself the biggest drink.

Note to self : Never ever ever drink right after working out ever ! See the blood is already rushing round you super fast add booze to the fast passed blood and bingo you are trollied in a bad bad way !!

I sat on the front step of the buiding catching the last of the sun and blending in with locals of whalley Range as I slowly got happy and merry.

And then it happened........

I got so drunk I made my way into the flat and fell asleep on the couch at 6 pm !!! How bad is that !! I woke up 2 hours later forgot I had not eaten but could not be bothered to cook so I ate 3 yogurt's hmmmm I love yogurt right now. Had 1 cup of coffee and thought hey suns still out will have one more small drink. This was my second error as it was the second round of drinking that put me in the ' I live by myself I am single .... OH MY LORD MY LIFE IS SHIT ! Mode'

So in conclusion do not drink after the gym, do not drink alone, do not have a second round of drinks but do enjoy the sun do have the drink ( only one ) and drink it slowly as well.

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Lee said...

One day of sunshine and you go bananas! Good job you don't live on Barbados!

I very nearly did the same thing - poured myself a drink, positioned myself in the garden - and it promptly rained on me. Thankfully it was just one of those quick 'sun shower' things, but it kinda killed the moment.

Drinking alone definately a bad idea - even worse idea to get the depressing audio collection out at the same time, yet we all seem to do it. Sadistic buggers us humans, arn't we?