Thursday, April 27, 2006

Politics .... Yep broaching a subject normally avoided and Left to My little Sister to Deal With

Oh my good lord for the first time in 5 years the political realm of the UK has become interesting to me.

So firstly it turns out that loads of convicted immigrants have been allowed to slip back into British society rather then slapping their thieving killing asses on the first flight back to their own country. How ?!? That is all I have to say on that How!

Secondly Patricia Hewitt announced that the last year was the best year ever for the NHS ... Is the women on crack !!??? How can she say that ?? No answer it was a stupid thing to say ( I have a theory it is her dodgy freaky hair that makes her say these things ) But god love the nurses ! They had a big convention 2 days after the stupid statement and Ms. Hewitt decided in her infinite wisdom to go and talk to these people and tell them to wise up and stop complaining effectively??? So shocked she was not shot on the spot by the rioting nurses ha ha!!

Then the best thing ever happened ! John Prescott ( deputy prime minister) announced he had been having a affair with his diary secretary!! This is a picture of the married cheating bastard. Once you look at the picture you will see why this was so so so funny to find out about:

Do you see why now ????? He is one ugly mofo !!

Even better though was the comment from the fiancee of the women he cheated with : ' I can't believe the person I was going to marry was sleeping with JOHN PRESCOTT!!!!!!!'

Personally if I was that guy ( no I am not a male and nor do I wish to be ) I would seek serious help to figure out where I was going wrong to drive my fiancee to sleep with John Prescott ??

There I have dived as far as I will go into the world of politics ( Be proud of me everyone )


Anonymous said...

If you don't think last year was the best one for the NHS, and Patricia Hewitt was wrong - tell us all which one was better ?

louisa said...

you will have to explaint o me what you are saying then can answer the question for you. Can only apologies for not understanding the question

Anonymous said...
asbestos disease