Monday, April 24, 2006

So Not Making a Effort !!

Right this morning I spent ages writing out a post about how my sister was concerned about my hermit like habits of late. She then made a sweeping comment about making new friends. The post did not publish !!!!! so I am not making the effort to re type the whole damn freakin thing again. All I have to say is how exactly do I make new friends ?!?!?!?!?! I am usless at that I am actually a withdrawn person around people I do not know I get nervous and edgy I worry that I will say a terminally stupid thing ( this happens to me frequently )

I will say however I do understand the family concern over the hermit lifestyle at present and I will attempt to make a effort to think about making a effort to de - hermit myself promise.


Either they are both back or one has a new girlfriend and jesus were they making up for lost time last night !! Seriously you would have thought they had been in a nunary for the last 20 years and the end of the world was coming the way they were going. I have no idea how to rectify this situation now. I have already left a note for them a polite nice note. What do I do leave a note reading :


not very neighbourly that is it or very polite either ??????


Deadly Female said...

I'm laughing at your lesbian dilemma!

louisa said...

Seriously DF it just gets worse !!! last night they decided randomly at 9 at night to play some really really dodgy dance music and do DIY and then have sex it just is way way to muchf or mylittle mind to handle at present .

Have no problem with the lesbian thing but do have a problem with having to listen to their antics daily !!