Monday, February 13, 2006

Again far to lazy to think of a good title for this post sorry

Well another week begins. This is a slightly different week due to the fact that it is Valentines day tomorrow. Fingers crossed we do not get any of the sickly sweet stuff going on here in the office. You know flowers delivered chocolates blah blah blah . This is of course spoken as any single person speaks. Valentine's day is like the anti christ to singles through out the world.
We all say things like its not even a real holiday sort of day or the businesses of the world have created it. You know the things we single people say all play down to the fact that yeah were single.
It is a weird strange and as far as I am concerned pointless and stupid day ! There said my single persons piece on Valentines day.

Right next thing : I LOVE THE WINTER OLYMPICS !! Seriously I do. I have spent the entire weekend watching a huge amount of winter sports. I have watched from Downhill skiing to Nordic cross country and loved every second of it . Yes I know sad pathetic really boring but it makes me happy so shut up ok ?! But the ultimate highlight was Jennifer heil won gold medal for Canada in the freestyle moguls. She was amazing fantastic and unbelievable to watch and desvered that metal like nobody's business !! What makes it better is she is from my neck of the woods ( Spruce grove Alberta) my brother knows her and once had a major crush on her I believe I believe I have met her once but cannot be sure. But she was great and a big up to her for doing it at only 22 years old !

Also this weekend I went to a friend of mines , Pete and his wife Wendy, grand opening of their new venture Bar Bibo in Northerden. I could see this being deadly for me as I loved the place and was so relaxed there. So yeah deadly as can see myself being there very often at this rate !!!

Right that's it. Heads up for tomorrow : baby pic of me should make you laugh or scream with fear ... You will see why


Alexandra said...

Is it the "Foxy" one?

louisa said...

say what AL ??

louisa said...

ah just figured it out what you mean !!! ( yes like 2 hours later !! ) yep the 'foxy' one !! ha ha ( to all the rest you will see tomorrow )
but i am sure my lovely sister will leave some nasty comment about it for sure

Deadly Female said...

I love the Winter Olympics too - but like lots of other people I'm sucked in by the skating