Thursday, September 22, 2005

And so it begins again .... rita is here !!

You know it amazes me everytime I turn on the TV and I see these mad crazy stupid scenes being beamed across the pond by the BBC to my little 14 inch telly! 100 mile traffic jams people running out of petrol, people looking like they are being roasted nice and golden ,like potatoes on a Sunday roast in there cars. Right Texas or at least the Gulf has known Riat was coming for a good week to 2 weeks right? No matter what this was going to be a bad one it will never end well. Rita will not decide suddenly ' hmmm giving up this hurricane shit going back to where I came from' God Dammit why do they insist on evacuating all at the same time all down the same Highway rather then doing it logically like so : non essential works ( mall workers , clothing shop workers restraunt workers ) go on the first day {( not including McDonald's as Huston is officially the fattest city in the USA and well you would have a whole lot of angry fat people if that was shut lets be honest !! ) next day semi essential people supermarkets and office workers and then finally essentials like hospitals and coast guards and what not. But no they have to do everything big ! Everyone out all at once all at the same time down the same shitty highway . Just blows my mind seriously does.
Was listening to radio one and the funniest person I have known on radio, Chris Moyles BBC 1 Breakfast show , ( listen on line if you want to hear him guys bloody brilliant ) anyway he brought up a point. Love the fact that they name these horrible evil destructive things after women ha ha !! How fitting is that really when you think about it. All the men out there who have wives named Rita and think she is a whirling dervish of a bitch this is your time for letting your anger out. Let people know that your wife named Rita is a horrible women and if they do not believe you politely inform them that she is similar if not identical to Rita the hurricane you will feel better after that promise you.
Either way though I may slag off complain bitch and moan about the way they are handling this situation over there but my thoughts and my prayers are with all of them and I can only hope that it is not going to end in the fashion of New Orleans and people come out on the bright side of this , alive.

Right enough of my moaning will stop now and let you get on with your life comment if you like good or bad is perfectly fine with me
have a good weekend all !!!

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