Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yes people The Lazy one Has Returned :-) I know yo Missed me ! ha !

Ok now for the big amazing spinning my world around news guys. I have finally got my self booked in for my plastic surgery. For those of you who do not know this is the back story to it all. I have spent 18 months of hard times and work losing weight. I need to make it clear that I was not doing this out of social pressures to be thin or to fit in. I was doing this for myself and for myself to be health, So my total weight loss currently stands at 110 pounds I have gone down from a size 24 to a size 18/16. I have lost untold inches everywhere and I am damn proud of myself as is my family and friends. So after all that I had let’s say “skin issues”??? So the only way to solve that and bring me down to my true size(12/14) was a tummy tuck. After 6 months of waiting for one of the best surgeons in Edmonton I got in. He took one look at me listened to my story and then promptly informed me I was a prime surgery candidate and that the results will be remarkable ! So I go under the knife on the 7th of May. I will be off work for 12 days and off riding duties and gym for 6 -7 weeks ( boohoo! ) I will have a scar from hip to hip on my bikini line and I will be in pain …but it is worth it. I do regret a few things though. I regret not having a boyfriend before hand. You are asking why now aren’t you ? It is very simple really, I wanted to be sure that whom ever I start dating is dating me for me not for the new thinner tighter ab’s covered me. I am worried I will only attract a guy who wants as stated before “ Barbie” or cheerleader” or “stupid” none of which I am people !!! I am of the mindset that if you cannot accept me for all my faults and flaws now then bugger it not worth my time. But you know that is how life rolls I guess and you just have to go with what is thrown you way.
So either way all my hard work has finally paid off and let me tell you when this is all done ….I AM SHOPPIN MY SKINNY ASS OFF PEOPLE !

I am now riding a stunning new mare that my friend Aron has lined up for me. I adore riding her and I think that this partnership is going to go a long way. We seem to suit one another and she challenges me which is what I need in a horse. I am now riding at very private and exclusive stables where she is living and where Aron is as well. I have to say I feel like a bit of an imposter when I am there and as though I am imposing on people. However this will vanish within time and I will get comfortable and settle in. Rode last night properly for the first time with Aron in YEARS ! It was like being 12 all over again and so strange. But best of all Aron gave me a mini lesson and I can safely say the girl ROCKS! She had me thinking about my seat about how I was asking the horse and making the horse move. In those short 20 minutes or so I learnt huge amounts So I cannot wait for a full lesson from her and to basically suck her knowledge in like a sponge ( I am very sponge like people just so you know ! )

So as said before I am off to Jasper for my first skiing of the season. I am super stoked for both the days of skiing and the crazy ass nights at Pete’s in Jasper and the Gallon of beer policies !! There will of course be a shed load of pics for you all !!

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