Monday, November 05, 2007

The Things that Make me Happy and the Things that Irritate Me

It can be said that I irritate easily. I believe I got this from my Dad. Genetically I have received is genes of irritation.
Although I irritate easily, which most of my friends and family can attest to, I do have so many things that make me happy. Lots of little things as well. Nothing big or flashy just as the irritants are not over big flashy things either.

Things That Irritate Me:
Drivers that sit in the fast/passing lane even though the are not actually passing anyone !! This sends me over the edge of reason ! This has been a pet peeve since day one of driving and will remain that way till the day I die!

Commercials on television. This is a recently new irritation. It has been brought on due to the fact that I was spoiled in the UK. See over there on the BBC there are no commercials J It just rocked me world living there and watching television. Not the case here in Canada. There seems to be commercials over here every 5 minutes and the same shitty ones over and over and over.

One of my biggest pet peeves is not being called back, emailed back text back written back. Any form of communication that is lacking pisses me off endlessly. I have this line of thought that if I spent the time to communicate with you then you can have the common curteosy of communicating back to me. If you do not like me and do not want to communicate then tell me so. I am a big girl I am pretty sure I can handle the rejection. For some reason it works me up I get so irritated about it.

This is a odd one. Sleeping alone irritates me. Most people relish sleeping alone. They crave it, look forward to it, some people need it. I am however the complete opposite. I relish sleeping next to someone. I do not sleep well alone. It is a lighter more restless sleep for me. Which then leads to even more irritation the next day….trust me a over tired irritated Louisa is not a person you want to cross …ever. I think it is a safety or a comforting feeling to sleep next to someone hence sleeping so much better with someone next to me.

I hate always being the one to initiate things. By this I mean plans for going out or phone conversations. I hate being the one that appears to be the “pushy” one. I would like it if people called me before I call them to see how they are or to make plans. For some reason it makes me feel pushy or over bearing which is most certainly not the case.

Other little irritants:
Rude people, bigots, people with bad phone manners, small irritating children, yippy little dogs, people that dress up there yippy little dogs ( it’s a dog it does not need to be dressed up people ) bad customer service, bad boyfriends ( I have had my share trust me ! ), boyfriends who won’t commit ( yes every girl hates this people). In fact this list could go on forever. So just be safe in the knowledge I irritate over simple and little things.

Things That Make Me Happy:

When people smile at me. Not just a “smile” but a smile from the eyes or from the heart. Trust me I can tell the difference of what is just a smile and a smile that means “ I am happy to see you “ or one that says “ you make me smile like this Louisa” It’s a little thing but a little thing that makes me happy.

Knowing when I have made someones day. Whether it is by a action I did in the day to make their day that much better or if it is something I have said to make them happy. Making others happy makes me happy.

Cooking for someone I like or love. I adore the looks on their faces when they are eating something I have made that makes them happy. This makes me feel useful as though I have done something good to please someone.

The simplest happy moments are for me are when I am curled up on a couch with someone watching a movie or just TV. It gives me the happy feeling. It is simple and great.

I LOVE MAKING PEOPLE LAUGH ! Turns out I am good at that and it makes me happy J

You know being in a relationship makes me happy. It makes me feel as though there is a purpose in life when I am with someone who wants to be with me for being me.

Riding horses. Horses are the one thing I can shut off round. As well as being able to have a completely clear mind and a purpose it just makes me leap with Joy inside.

I am soooo happy when I give people gifts. By gifts I do not mean big extravagant ones but little meaningful ones. A book that means something in particular to the person. A card to make them laugh, things to help people when they are not well. It makes me happy to know I have made that persons day a little brighter.

Other things that make me happy:
Gerber daisy flowers, Sunny days, BBQ’s, my friends, my family, my animals, my life, the color yellow, people who love me or appreciate me, good nights out, funny stories from those nights out, going to dinner with someone special, traveling. Again this list could be endless you know

So there you go my irritant and happy lists. Both could be endless lists. I wrote this entry today as a form of therapy today you know. I needed to write it to get things of my chest and clarify a few things….its worked. My blog as I have said before is my therapy. This is the purpose of me writing here. I know I babble enslessly but you know as I have said before if you do not like it do not read it I am not forcing you to. But remember this it is my blog and my therapy and todays entry has most certainly cleared my mind for the day. Lately I have been a bundle of emotions and endless thoughts about such inconsequential things and writing it down has helped. Its like venting people !


Anonymous said...

I wondered where you'd gone.
You are welcome to come here and cook me dinner or give me gifts any time you like, I'm not proud :)

louisa said...

lol lol clearly you are not proud ha ha !!!
I have been rather blog lazy sorry !!! :-)