Friday, October 19, 2007

I Have Been on The Hunt

No not the man hunt as begining to believe the Louisa curse is kicking in again on that front... a whole different post for you all at another time

No I have been on the hunt for a song that I have had no idea of who the singer is or the tittle. For Canadian readers they may know what I am talking about. The Joe comericals ( for UK readers Joe is like George in ASDA but it is in our Superstore over here) They have been playing as series of new adds that are simply amazing and some of the best marketing I have seen in a very long time. It is all down to a song.
It has been a song that has been stuck in my head for weeks and weeks. The same line has played in my head over and over " your my dream tonight". If you like Feist you will adore this song as well as the other song called "Mixed Up" from another ad campaign.
So I went on the hunt to find this song. I eventually found you could actually download it straight from the Joe website But that still did not satisfy me I wanted to know who sang this song!!! The women has what I call a fairy like voice. It grabs your heart when she sings and I can safely say it has grabbed my heart so much
This is what I found. Her name is Rhonda Stakich from Toronto. Her name is NOT on the Joe webiste which personally annoys me as it is a unreal song !
It always makes me happy to find a not on the radar artist. It makes me happy to find a non mainstream talented voice! If you like Feist you will like this women. I hope to hear more of her music


J. said...

Glad to find out the name of the artist! It just seems wrong to not give her credit on the Joe web site. Thanks!


louisa said...

Hey your welcome!! All my friends swore blind that it was feist sing it and will be honest I thought so as well!!
I adore the song dream tonight and also love mixed up !
Thanks for stopping by ! :-)

Suburban Mum said...

I love it! I've just downloaded it :) How did you find her name?

louisa said...

OMG it was a mission. First I went to the Joe joy. So I just typedinto google "singer of the Joe Fresh commerical" nothing came up directly but found a newspaper articale about their ad campaign and in the very last paragraph of the articale they mentioned her name. So typed into google and found her myspace site. Like I said it was a MISSION!!