Sunday, September 02, 2007

Its September ...God damn Its September People

Do you realize it is September ?!?!

Its exactly 3 months minus a few days till Christmas
It is exactly 2 months and 10 days ( roundabout) to Thanksgiving ( for fellow Cannucks)
Its 2 months and 18 days ( sorta) till my dan 29 th Birthday !

God this year has gone so quickly. It is so true what they say. As you get older life seems to begin to fly by ! I do wish it would slow down ! I mean there are so many things I need to sort out in my life and I seem to be running out of blood ti,e. I mean chiefly I need to stop being a near 29 year old living in her mum's basement and strike out and get a piece of land to build on ( oh yeah forgot to tell you that one,I am looking for a piece of land so I can build my own house the way I want it ) yeah so back to that thing living in your mothers basement at 29 is not cool ! Sepember seems to have bourght that realization upon me.
September is still a broken hearted month for me as the end of August was. I have never been one to focus on a boy that is unattainable however for some reason the before mentioned man ( not boy really is he) seem s to have pulled all the heartstrings I possess. I wish it were not the case. I am normally pretty good at steam rolling over things like this moving on and chucking self at some thing new ...not this time!
September however is likely one of my favorite months if I am honest. It is the transition month in the Calander. Its when leaves start to turn. Its when geese fly south in mass flocks. Its when kids go back to school or go to school for the first time. Its the transition into the holiday seasons. Starting with Thanksgiving and ending with New Years eve.I would like to make it my transition month. I wil be truthful and say I am not sure I will be able to but I can make a good go of it can't I ?
I am planning on quitting smoking. I think I have had enough of it now and its time. So September is not only going to be remembered as the transition month but as the " Louisa turned into a fire breathing raving bitch" I am sure you will hear about it if it comes about though people.

So yeah September people its here! So here is to September being the month of clean slates. The month of fresh starts and mending hearts. To the month of beauty and long journeys home.
To one of the nicest months in the year I reckon
Happy September all !


Anonymous said...

I hate to be a nit-picker, but in Canada, our Thanksgiving is in early October, yes? That means Turkey Day is only one month and 10 days away for us! Yeah!

louisa said...

ok you have a point. IN my defense it was like 10:20 at night when i wrote it so needless to say I was not doing so well on date counting
P.S is this my anayonmous from before the one I know but don't know ????

Anonymous said...

Haha.. no, I'm just a random reader. I've always thought I'd like to move to England from Canada, but after reading your blog, I'm not so sure the grass is greener there after all!
Plus, they don't do Thanksgiving!
ps.. I'm from Sylvan, so not far from you.. not to creep you out or anything haha!

louisa said...

hey not creep what so ever !! lol lol
I know what you mean about the thanksgiving but there is such a huge Canadian community. I was part of a canadians in the UK forum and we used to organie meet ups for the various important Canada holiday s( thanksgiving canada day etc)
You know what if I could afford to move back there I would do it in a instant honestly it really is a great place.
Saying that they do not have a lake like sylvan over there lol lol