Monday, July 30, 2007

My Recent Hiatus ...Ok Laziness I am a big Liar !

My apologies for my shear laziness, and that’s what it has been for the most part if very truthful!! I am well not caught a deadly disease, not lost a limb or even come close to one. Would love to say absence has been due to a mad new relationship ….yeah seriously its not been just in case you were wondering. Mainly life has just got in the way.
So here is a update on life recently.
Firstly almost all dental work is now done I am finished with Doctor Death for the year ! I was put to sleep 3 weeks ago and they kindly did 8 fillings for me. I stand by the thought that you have to be a sick individual to want to be a dentist I mean come on so so not normal as far as I am concerned !
Right work is good but incrediably slow. We are lucky though we have pretty much free rein over the internet and so needless to say I am soooo caught up on all world events, wars and gossip I am a walking talking news station now ! lol
Home life is good. I moved into the massive newly decorated downstairs bedroom! Now this may seem nothing to be excited about but look at it this way. First off it is the biggest room I have had in 6 years I am sprawled across a massive room with a new massive bed !! Secondly and more importantly it is in the basement. This is good as it has been consitently above 30 degrees for the month of July and HUMID!! I am never hot down here it rocks beyond words people ! I am happy lady as mum made rasberry jam today. It evoked such strong childhood memories it was kinda like being on a acid trip ! All berries were picked by me in the scorching heat and so I am safe in the knowledge that if there were every a nuclear war I would have masses of rasberry jam to live off…hmmmm jam
I am riding almost every day now and fallen completely in love with it again and with the horse I am riding, Thunder. I want to buy my own pony asap but I am being practical and logical about this and holding I still like buying shoes and handbags WAY to much to give it up. So yes riding has given me thighs of steel and legs of iron again !! YEAH !! that’s highly attractive isn’t it ! lol
I am off to Saltspring island for summer holidays on Thursday. This is doubly good because my best friend in the world will be landing from the UK Wednesday. I cannot describe to you how excited Mason is bout it all and how child like he sounds it is all rather sweet. So I we will be taking float planes, going to Vancouver, visiting Victoria and generally doing all things touristy as well as drinoing swimming and RELAXIN ! Expect loads of pics to appear of course.
Right that’s it my life for the last oh month or so. Sorry its not more exciting. Will attempt to do some incrediably stupid shit and that way I can post about it for you all !! lol lol


~art said...

I'd about figured you'd given up blogging all together; glad you are back. How about some pictures already?

Anonymous said...

Riding horses? Not the only thing you've been riding by all accounts (ooh sorry that was very naughty of me!).

Anyway, blog please. Or else.

PS There's a scrabble game with your name on it slowly gathering dust. Hurry up woman.