Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Conversation I had With My Mother 5 Minutes Ago

So its like half 9 at night.
I am in bed getting ready to sleep ( I wake up at half 5 in the morning)
Mother is washing her face getting ready for bed.

And then this is the most entertainment I have had in a little while as follows:

Mum: LOU !!!
Me: Yes ???........
Mum: You know when they do those analysts on your face?
Me: Right ....
Mum: You know the ones to tell you what shape your face is ? MINES TRIANGULAR!!!

( I am rolling my eyes at this point next thing I know she is right in front of me. Grinning inanely with fingers shaping a triangle around her face )
Me: Right and ???
Me : ( laughing uncontrollably) You do know I am going to blog this don't you ?
Mum : OH FUCK !!!!

Always entertaining in this house !


The Mummyperson of Suburbia said...

Where are you?

louisa said...

ohhh sorrry ! Have been sooo busy : work, gym, tanning planning for my trip to sin city next week ( vegas , hence the tanning lol )
I promise to post promise ! :-) x

Suburban Mum said...

Humph. Enough of this talk of trips and holidays and stuff. Am V. JEALOUS.

louisa said...

did i mention i am going to vegas????.... NO ...YEAH I AM GOIING TO VEGAS !!
I am shopping
I am Eating
I am Gambling by big white ass off
oh yeah and .......
Did I mention I am going to Vegas ???? :-) lol lol

Suburban Mum said...

Don't like you anymore.

Suburban Mum said...

PS have nearly finished a draft template for you!

Suburban Mum said...

PPS I was just kidding. About not liking you, not about the template.
Er. I think. Now I'm confused.

Suburban Mum said...

Hey. Does this count as comment spam?