Monday, May 08, 2006

Things I miss

I miss being 7 again and playing ( or torturing ) my little brother with my little sister.

I miss the smell of the way your Mum washes your cloths. It does not matter how many times you wash it just like she does with the same washing powder and softener and dryer sheets it is never the same...... Trust me I have tried.

I miss the way your Mum can make a boiled egg and soldiers perfectly. You know with the yoke just runny enough and the soldiers the right length and wicth for optimal dipping experience.

I miss being in school !! When I say school I mean kidergarden and grades 1 2 and 3 . These were the grades when school was cool. When you woke up in the morning a little groggy but you knew it was going to be a wicked day because you were going on a cool field trip to a zoo or it was finger painting day, god I loved finger painting day. Work places should introduce these things to relieve office tension I seriously think it would work.

Because I am single there are things I miss when you are with someone. I miss waking up to another person hogging both sides of the bed ( you curse them at the time but when they are gone you miss it or deep down you know it does not bother you all that much )

I miss getting taken out randomly for no apparent reason other then they want your company and attention at that point in time.
( I do not miss cheap dates and guys the make you split the bill note: yes this has happened to me everyone and no it did not last long at all !!!!! )

I miss making breakfast for another person when they stay over and seeing the smile on their face because they know a lot of thought went into it for them.

I do miss my family when I live so far away from them. They drive me mental most of the time even half way across the world they drive me mental. But that is only a fraction of the time the rest they make me laugh and giggle at the antics they get up to.

I miss goofing off with my little brother. He is a giant shit but he is a giant fun shit !!

And finally I do miss my Dad. Even though it is almost 9 years ( I think ) since the old boy bit it and had the big one it feels like only yesterday to be honest. I miss hearing him yell ' Weezy!!!! ' when I knew I was in a little bit of trouble ( not a lot because he used my nickname )
I miss him saying ' Because is not a answer !!' when we back chatted to him.

So yeah I do miss my Dad a lot.


Lee said...

Be thankful you didn't have the kindergarten experience over here - if memory serves me correct, the closest I ever got to a zoo was a butterfly in a bucket. Somehow the teacher managed to pass an entire morning with us watching it do pretty much bugger all.

louisa said...

oh my god just laughed out loud !!! that is pathetic ! lol lol lol

It was not all fun and games when I was there. I did beat up Reece Shular for the Sesame street phone ( I won by the way )

Lee said...

That's just part of the whole growing up thing though - I remember getting into a fight over a plastic spider once. I feel kinda guilty about that now, as it was the lads birthday at the time.

louisa said...

you were a thug !!!! fighting for another kids birthday present !! like your style ! ha