Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Last night someone laughed at something I said and the thing I said was not very British what so ever. In fact it got me thinking after the conversation there are a lot of things I say that are not very British at all. Here are a few some will have translations :

Walking like a drunk hooker on skates = can be taken in so many ways such as nope I cannot skate . Yes it is true I have no Co-ordination what so ever

Ass Monkey = just a damned good insult in my books kinda like wanker in a strange way

butt head = just a dick head basically

hoser = a complete loser ' used in a sentence like the following ' don't be such a hoser man'

deke out = from hockey terminology meaning just nipping out be back soon basically the jock hockey players started it and it has caught on

Think that hoser is one of my favorites good solid insult

There are so so many more that evade me right now if you think of any though let me know.

' deke out ' kinda sorta you know I will be back eventually !!


Anonymous said...

Other Canadian ones are "dummer than a sack of hammers" or "drier than a popcorn fart"

Anonymous said...

Oops that should be "dumber" I guess it is OK since it is your blog site.