Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I am turning into a old lady ...... And Kinda like it !!

Last night I was in a long text discussion with the lovely Sarah. The premise of the entire conversation ( if you can call texting a conversation not sure on that on?? ) was who was the older acting lady.
While she was telling me she was already in bed ( 6:30 !!) in her warmest cloths tucked up. I was telling her I was curled up on the couch in PJ's heating on full blast considering just going to bed .
She one upped me then with the fact that she was eating a chocolate mint orange and watching .....Wait for it ...... Bill Oddy's wildlife adventures !!!! oh my god that is such a OAP thing to do !
But I do believe I beat her as I advised her I was on the couch watching eastenders with not 1 but 2!!! hotwater bottles on me plus I was eating digestive hmmmm

So anyway I have decided that maybe getting old is not a bad thing. Maybe being able to curl up on your bed or couch and do fuck all when ever you wish is pretty damn cool.
And anyone who slates hot water bottles is missing out big time. They are great and not just for old people either it has to be said. It is like heaven in a little rubber bottle hmmmm want a hot water bottle now .....hmmmmm

Plus there are hidden benefits to being old as well I think. You can slag of just about every young person out there and people let you !!! Because you are old !!! You get to ride the bus for free as well. Although I find that slightly amusing cause buses are not the easiest things to get on and when you are 85 and have had 2 hip replacements you really would not want to get on would you lets be honest !?
You get lower council tax !! And you get assitance with your utility bills.
So basically I have decided screw being young I want to be a crazy OAP and live the high life !!!

So as you may be able to tell I have completely resigned to getting old and I am now in fact embracing it and well god damn cannot come quick enough.
All I need to do now is convince Sarah some how that she will not die a old crazy spinster lady and even if she is a spinster she can come live with me and we can be crazy OAP's together like bonny and Clyde ( but not so gangster like )
Believe my new mission in life is to get people to embrace getting old to be OAP's even in their 20's and 30's

( so not going to succeed in this mission am I ? )


Lee said...

Acting old is well and truely cool - I've noticed it in myself alot recently. Where it starts to get worrying is when you start doing 'oldie things' without even realising you're doing it, such as;

- Getting excited about bargains on groceries
- Stockpiling home-cooked food in the freezer (noticed you doing this one, lol)
- Watching soaps, and not being afraid to admit it!
- Worrying about when you're going to die

The following apply to men only;

- An almost-obsessive need to keep the house clean
- You start to enjoy cooking
- Washing the car on a sunday is part of your routine
- You start planning your TV viewing a week ahead

Sadly, I do the lot :-(


louisa said...

oh my god on top of being a sad old lady I do almost all of the sad old men things !! not good at all
although the cleaning thing is something i am still working on. i do set a leaning rota though ... for myself considering I live alone with a cat it is not cool to set a roat it is OAP behaviour
I do plan my TV as well. But on top of that I also plan when to tape the things I am afraid I am going to miss !!!
OHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO it is al down hill from here isn't it !??!?
( love the friendly blog stalker thing very good ! )

Lee said...

Oh, I wouldn't worry about doing the men things - I'd always assumed that women do those things as a general rule anyway (hence why it would be strange for men to start doing them!).