Tuesday, November 29, 2005

2 weeks and 4 Days till The Eagles Land

Yep the imminent arrival of the Taylor clan on English soil is fast approaching. It has to be said that I am extremely excited about them coming over here but at the same time have this small ball of fear in the pit of my stomach !

This could either be the best ever Christmas we have all had together or it could end in utter disaster with all of us threatening to stab one another repeatedly due to the fact we have driven one another absolutely mad ha ha !!

No but in all seriousness it is going to be great be nice for them to come over to me for the first time and see my life over here. Really excited at the thought of showing them things like my flat and car and most obviously my mad as a brush cat. I can't wait for Mum to see Manchester as I am fairly sure ( she will correct me as per usual ) that she still has this vision of grim, dark, grey and factory riddled Manchester of her youth. It is now this thoroughly modern urban hip city now ( yes I do realize it is Manchester I am talking about) !

Still trying to figure out what I am going to do with everyone for new year's!! I know that I want to show them a good time as at that point it is not just my Brother and my Sister coming but also Georges lovely girlfriend Amanda and his 2 best mates Richie and Phil. So it has to be a rocking amazing new years for them. High expectations is basically what it is.

The thing however I am utterly and truly most looking forward to is ....... My mum's cooking !!! Sweet lord I plan on making myself very ill front he amounts I am going to eat. Oh my mum's onion sauce hmmmm and her bacon wrapped little sausages hmmmm and her carrots with weird things on it hmmmmm and her roast beef !!!! hmmmm I am now currently drooling at my desk and on the verge of drowning from the drool as my work mates watch !! oh the food !!
so I will keep you all up dated and give you a after family visit report when they all leave as well as that I am pretty sure my sister. Now I have tried multiple times to get a link in here for Alex but I am useless guys sorry find her yourself if you want to read her blog!

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